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Thanks for visiting the Member Get A Member (MGAM) recruitment tool of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. This is an exciting tool for AHA/ASA Professional Members to use to invite colleagues and friends to join the AHA/ASA.

How to grow your council

1. Log in using your member username and password on

2. Easily create your own personalized Web page.


3. Send personalized e-mail invitations to colleagues and students.

4. Track your success through easy-to-use reports.

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AHA Membership Ambassador Program

Strive to become an AHA Membership Ambassador!  The status of Membership Ambassador will be bestowed to an AHA Professional Member once he or she has obtained five new members through the MGAM system. 

Recognition as a Membership Ambassador includes the following:
  • Ambassador’s name placed on a scrolling list of Membership Ambassador names on the MGAM system home page
  • Certificate of recognition and letter of appreciation from AHA president
  • Complimentary ticket to annual council dinner at Scientific Sessions (or a specialty conference if more appropriate) and recognition in the dinner program
  • Mention in an upcoming Council Connections newsletter




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